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Chane Reaction

This is Chane Reaction LLC, Counseling Services

Mr Brian Chaney, LMSW, C.Ht

CEO / Creator of Chane Reaction LLC

As Founder and CEO of Chane Reaction Counseling Services, Brian truly feels that every action is a reaction of a certain chain of events. A native Detroiter, Brian overstands the need to provide culturally sensitive mental health services to underrepresented populations. Thus, Chane Reaction Counseling Services was born.

Brian Chaney, LMSW, C.Ht.,

As Founder and CEO of Chane Reaction Counseling Services, Brian truly feels that every action is a reaction of a certain chain of events.

As Founder and CEO of Chane Reaction Counseling Services, Brian truly feels that every action is a reaction of a certain chain of events. A native Detroiter, Brian overstands the need to provide culturally sensitive mental health services to underrepresented populations. Thus, Chane Reaction Counseling Services was born.

Brian attended Eastern Michigan University as a Student-Athlete earning his Bachelor of Social Work Degree (1997) and two varsity letters while competing in football. Shortly after, Brian earned a Master’s degree in Social Work at Wayne State University, in Detroit, Michigan (June 2000).

Brians life experiences growing up in inner-city Detroit combined with his educational and sports background have groomed his style to be quite unique and well-rounded. Working as a School Social Worker for over 20 years, Brian has handled complex situations with students as well as their families who were "at-Risk" of social or academic failure. Brian believes that "Sports imitates life." Teaching "life lessons" through sports has always been Brian's passion. Serving as a youth and High School coach for many years, Brian makes connections between the physical and mental similarities of the two. Making these great connections with the athletes he services, Brian has gone on to become the only certified male Sports Social Worker in the state of Michigan!

Using this unique skill set, Brian promotes social justice and social change by focusing on the unique needs of athletes at both an individual and team level. As a Sports Social Worker, Brian strives to help athletes in need and address the behavioral health and psychosocial needs impacting their abilities to be successful in and away from competition.

Lastly, Brian is also a member of the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group. While studying at the Clinical Hypnosis Institute (2020) Brian has become certified in Basic, Advanced, and Analytical Hypnosis focusing on weight/shape management, smoking cessation, stress/pain management, and past life regression.

As a hypnotherapist, Brian uses advanced techniques to help his clients change unwanted behaviors as well as to lessen or eliminate the effects of Initial Sensitizing Events (ISE). Brian
uses hypnosis with athletes to increase training, motivation, and to enhance performance. Brian believes that hypnotherapy is the ultimate means of heightening motivation by programming your subconscious mind to work cohesively with your conscious desires.

Meet The Therapists

Emma Elisa Torres, LMSW

Emma graduated from Wayne State University with her master’s degree in Social Work.

Emma Elisa Torres is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Michigan. Emma graduated from Wayne State University with her master’s degree in Social Work (May 2005) with a concentration in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy. Ms. Torres obtained her Social Work Clinical License from the State of Michigan. EmmaElisa is a bi-lingual Latina born in the Southwest part of Detroit.

Ms. Torres has worked with at-risk adjudicated youth with diverse backgrounds in various settings; Juvenile Detention Facility, Mental Health Institutions and an at risk school setting. She has always had a passion to empower and mold the minds of children and young adults. Emma has conducted therapy and assessment services for individuals and groups with mental health issues integrating mindfulness techniques.

Emma has used the following manifesting techniques in her own life creating the best version of herself and opening doors to attracting new opportunities. Using positive affirmations, writing life goals, guided meditations, journaling gratitude, creative visualizations, breathing techniques, and mindfulness. Together, we will work on strategies that will allow you to address the root causes of your difficulties, childhood traumas and build meaningful harmonious lives.

Julius D. Johnson II, LLMSW

Julius D. Johnson II earned his bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/Health Society

To be the change he always needed growing up, Julius D. Johnson II earned his bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/Health Society from Michigan State University in 2015. With one goal in mind the Muskegon native transitioned to Detroit, MI in 2016. Now a recent graduate of master’s in social work from Wayne State University, Mr. Johnson pivoted his focus on family dynamics and has earned certification in substance abuse. Julius is a highly motivated individual that is passionate about bridging families back together again. He has experience in substance use and understands how Co-Occurring disorders intertwine with an individual’s daily living.

As a Social Worker Mr. Johnson is a strong advocate of social justice and works hard to combat oppression. He is aware of how class, gender, race, and sexual orientation impact mental health and believes in building rapport with clients to get to the root cause. Julius focuses on Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Motivational interviewing where his intention is to help clients develop coping skills, new thought patterns and behaviors that further advance them in society. Mr. Johnson believes in a person-centered approach when it comes to counseling allowing each individual to lead their own sessions, being treated as a human before anything.

Julius has a history of working in the medical field where he has learned the importance of making sure the client comes first. He has served as a Mentor in Big Brother Big Sister for several years after the loss of his father and has taken part in many volunteering opportunities. With a strong history of helping others, it is with great adversity that has made Mr. Johnson into the man he is today, and he gives all credit to God for his Journey. With perseverance Julius believes anything is possible. “It’s not whether or not you get knocked down but whether you get up”- Vince Lombardi

Gwendolyn Chaney, LMSW

As a native Detroiter, Ms. Chaney has always involved herself in community activities.

Gwendolyn E. Chaney, LMSW has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.
Her focus was in Clinical studies and Program Development. Youth, teens, couples counseling, groups, and teen substance abuse and recovery are her areas of expertise. As a native Detroiter, Ms. Chaney has always involved herself in community activities. While raising her family, she realized the need for neighborhood youth needing attention on many levels. Ms. Chaney served as a Principal in the community’s Let’s Read program under the leadership of Detroit journalist, June Brown. Acknowledging that children needed support from the entire village, Ms. Chaney started, with the help of her husband and other’s, a Police Athletic League Sports team . This Organization, known as the Northwest Detroit Panthers, recently celebrated over 30 years in existence. We provided tutoring for all team members and encouraged parents to participate. Realizing a lot of the negative issues that occurred with these families was due in part to a lack of communication and misunderstanding. These were the accruement’s that molded the desire to work with youth, teens, families, couple’s, and groups.

Brent J. Sykes, LMSW

Brent has worked in Social Work in many aspects from clinical therapist to community Liaison.

Brent J. Sykes LLMSW was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. Brent is a graduate of Pontiac Northern High School, Oakland Community College (Mental Health), Oakland University (Social Work), and Michigan State University with his Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. Brent is currently a limited licensed social worker in the state of Michigan. Brent has worked in Social Work in many aspects from clinical therapist to community Liaison. In therapy, Brent’s preferred treatment modality is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, specializing in treatment of the effects of trauma.

In his community, Brent has been mentoring and coaching youth for over a decade. He is an active board member with Pontiac Youth Assistance, and the Director of football operations for the Pontiac Panthers Youth Football and Cheer.

Brent is the former president of the district wide Title 1 advisory board for the Pontiac School District and also served on the Pontiac Zoning board of Appeals. Brent is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. Brent’s passion is guiding human beings to overcome the short and long-term effects of adverse obstacles encountered in everyday life.
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.”

Lawrence Robinson Jr., LLMSW

A native of Saginaw, Michigan, Lawrence Robinson Jr. came to Detroit, MI in 2008

A native of Saginaw, Michigan, Lawrence Robinson Jr. came to Detroit, MI in 2008 with the hopes of becoming the first male in his family to earn a four-year college degree. Today, Mr. Robinson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, along with his Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University. Mr. Robinson concentrated his graduate studies in community social work practice while working professionally to promote educational achievement and workforce development for underrepresented youth and the young adult population of Detroit. Mr. Robinson’s experience consists of counseling university and K-12 students, along with providing mental health case management and workforce development services for Detroit youth and families. He has served within the Detroit Public Schools, WSU School of Social Work, the Office of Federal TRIO, The Yunion Inc, and the City of Detroit Mayor’s Office Department of Youth Services.

Mr. Robinson has the unique gift of facilitating interaction and communication with others, focusing on their strengths and resources to create a more effective future. His clinical approach is holistic and with emphasis on Client-centered and Solution-Focused Therapy interventions.

Mr. Robinson’s ultimate goal is to help clients to develop self-awareness, safely explore their thoughts and feelings, and proactively address life difficulties and transitions.

If you're interested in working with Mr. Robinson, call or email now for a free telephone consultation.

Kareemah A. Lewis, LLMSW

Kareemah A. Lewis LLMSW was born, raised & graduated in Detroit, Michigan

Kareemah A. Lewis LLMSW was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She is a graduate of Laura F. Osborn High School, Wayne County Community College (Criminal Justice), Madonna University (Criminal Justice), and Wayne State University with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work.

Prior to obtaining her LLMSW, Kareemah worked as a Juvenile Detention Officer, Families First Worker, Head Start Advocate, Youth Specialist, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Specialist, Case Manager, and Clinical Therapist in the Developmental Disabilities department. Her experience does not stop there—as she does not limit herself or her ability to assist in making the lives of at-risk youth, those on the Autism Spectrum, and individuals with Anxiety and Depression—better. Kareemah challenges her clients to “grow through” life, not just “go through” life. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

“Every individual can transform into the best version of themselves with the proper help and a strong voice to show them how.”

Dharia "Dee" Everett, LLMSW

Dharia "Dee" Everett graduated Rochester College as an athlete with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Dee is a limited licensed clinical social worker in the State Of Michigan. Dee attended Rochester College as a student athlete and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Following graduation Dee worked as a behavior technician where he provided Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children on the autism spectrum. Dee then graduated from Wayne State university with a master’s degree in social work with a focus in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

As a social worker it is imperative to Dee to provide care for people and observe how their lives are affected by their backgrounds. Dee is aware of how someone’s race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and other factors have influence on their livelihood. Dee is a mental health advocate for all, but especially for the underserved and underrepresented communities. Dee believes in the humanistic approach, putting the person first in the therapeutic relationships and working with empathy to get an understanding of each individual.

In the therapeutic relationship Dee believes in providing a safe space where all individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their feelings. Dee’s ultimate goals in therapy is to build rapport, raise self-awareness and develop techniques to manage emotions and circumstances that individuals may face on a day to day basis. Dee believes in a direct and solution-focused approach providing individuals with a toolbelt of techniques and skills.

Linking You To Resources For A Better Tomorrow

Chane Reaction LLC is a community-based operation offering counseling to individuals and families. We specialize in servicing underrepresented groups.

As an African-American male therapist, I understand that it is essential to provide a safe, relaxing, judgement-free space that encompasses both social work values as well as a therapeutic, holistic approach.

Brian D. Chaney LMSW, C.Ht, Sports Social Worker



Athletes & Mental Health

Game Changers

Chane Reaction boasts the only Certified Sports Social Worker in the state of Michigan! Please contact us for more information about our “Game Changers” program which focuses on holistically addressing athletes’ mental health needs. Group and Individual rates are available!!
Hours of Experience
Lives Changed

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Balance

At Chane Reaction Counseling Services LLC, we believe in a holistic approach to treating mental health needs.

We provide weekly individual, group, family, and marriage counseling services to all populations. Our therapists are trained to design treatment plans that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients based on their presenting problem(s). We work collaboratively to create measurable treatment goals and objectives to track the progress we are making in therapy. Every session is a step toward meeting those goals.  We specialize in building rapport with our clients, cultivating a safe space, and meeting clients where they are at while walking alongside them as they navigate life’s toughest battles.

We utilize evidenced-based tools and measurements to assess, diagnose, and to treat a variety of mental illnesses. Here at Chane Reaction Counseling Services, a changed mindset equates to a changed lifestyle. With your permission, we can assist in the transformative procedure. Schedule your appointment with our therapist today.  Your changed mind, healthier choices, and a new lifestyle await you! We believe for every action there are chain reactions. As mental health providers, we enable our clients to make healthy choices for the present that will determine a prosperous future.

Awards & Mentions

Our therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, Sports Therapy, Behavioral Activation, Mindfulness, CBT- Trauma-Informed therapy, Grief and Loss, and Motivational Interviewing.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Trauma
  • Men Issues
  • Women Issues
  • Life Coaching
  • Grief and Loss
  • Stress Management
  • Spirituality

By far the best therapist I've ever worked with. He truly understood the phase I was going through and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend him, you won't find any better!

Anonymous Client

It was really good getting to know Brian Chaney during his introduction to our student-athletes. Mr Chaney is a powerful speaker, was helpful in answering questions and made me feel at ease. The session ended up being better than I could've envisioned!

Thankful Parent

I wish I would have contacted Brian sooner! He has a talent. He helps you understand things on a different level and his massage chair is an amazing experience!

Anonymous Client

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